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Meredith San Diego has been featured in various media publications based in the United States and the U.K. Click on the images and links below to be navigated to the full published article, often written by yours truly.
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Discover the best Blue Flag eco-certified beaches around the world. Blue Flag beaches are known for sustainability, accessibility, and safety.
This picturesque city, with it’s sea views, lively Malecón and annual Carnival is a highly sought-after destination. In this Expat Guide I cover the best time to move to Cadiz, the logistics of moving and what area of Cadiz is best to live in. Read the guide to see what it has to offer.
Who doesn’t dream of living the island life? In this expat guide I compare the different islands, and what each area has to offer, how to get around the islands and of course what to expect living there as digital nomad.
In this guide I explore the experience of living in Cordoba, Spain, which has a vibrant culture, great cuisine and architecture, and a low cost of living. I also visa options, how to find housing, public transport, and moving abroad solo.
18 women share their stories about what lead them to travel alone for the first time. Even though some people might think that traveling alone is scary or dangerous, these women all said that they regretted nothing about their decision.
Wondering what it’s really like being an Auxiliar de Conversacion and what it takes to become one? This is the guide you’ve been looking for! As a single female in her late 30s, assumptions about how and why I landed in Andalusia teaching English part-time as a Spanish Auxiliar happen frequently and are often accompanied by curious intonation.
Recalling my experiences exploring the world’s most beautiful botanical gardens fills me with joy. My connection to nature only increases with every new place I see. Every year I become wiser and more appreciate of the outdoors.
Do you ever catch yourself reaching for a comfortable and stylish outfit only to realize you wore it yesterday? Or worse, that you already wore that combo the last time you were around the people who extended the invite. Immediately deterred, you begin sifting through your closet for another equally comfortable and stylish replacement fit instead. In recent years, society has pushed the appearance of the acceptance of minimalism for the sake of trends. But when will normalizing the struggles of minimalism be acceptable, too?
It’s common knowledge that all stereotypes are rooted in some sort of truth. And though there’s some honesty wrapped up in such a statement, certainly there is plenty of grey area, too. In a world ever-growing with geographical diversity, ethnic groups today are anything but monolithic. Take my story as an example, a quasi-middle-aged Black-American female globetrotting solo. Within my culture, this type of existence, once heavily frowned upon, is slowly becoming more acceptable. By default, this new acceptance highlights the profundity of visibility and the importance of breaking stereotypes within the travel industry.
Sustainable souvenirs make for way better gift-giving ideas. Allow me to explain more in detail why that is. Whether you’re the cool Aunt flying in for graduation or that travel friend with superb taste, the pressure to buy memorable souvenirs from exotic destinations is real. As is the internal drive to one-up ourselves with the next gift-giving opportunity. Am I right, wayfarers?
As an expat, you have the opportunity to live more sustainably and make a positive impact. By stretching your comfort zone, you can improve your mental health and become more resilient. Paying attention to your surroundings will also increase your awareness and help you make smart choices. Most importantly, sustainable living is a movement that you can be a part of and make a difference.
I’m a Black-American female Capricorn, born and raised in Southern California. I preamble with those details to point out that my late, but intentional migration to the sustainable travel side was inevitable. Still, it took living in a village in the Balkans as a Volunteer for the US Peace Corps to awaken my advocacy for sustainability. Backpacking solo for three years at the close of my service cemented the importance of my visibility. Naturally, while networking, I migrate toward scrolling social media accounts that also favor advocacy and visibility as a BIPOC. If you’re curious about those, then continue reading to learn a few BIPOC sustainable travelers worth following.
The world is evolving and with that, so is the way we work. The recent pandemic has expedited this change and shown that remote work is not only possible, but often preferable. If you’re new to the digital nomad lifestyle, here are some apps beyond the basics that will make your transition smoother.
The more we all travel authentically and the more we all open our minds, the closer we will become as a human race. Our shared experiences will become more important than our surface level differences.
Living a life free of stereotypical confines like a home, a husband, or children, you never know where you might find rolling stone Meredith San Diego. A native of–wait for it–San Diego, Meredith has traveled to 57 countries in her 39 years and has lived in North Macedonia, Thailand, and now Spain.

Travel Guides

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Meredith’s photographs feature in the Southern California Road Trips MOON Travel Guide.
Meredith’s photographs feature in the Croatia & Slovenia with Montenegro MOON Travel Guide.


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Some women, especially black women, are nervous to travel alone but in this conversation with Baglady Meredith San Diego, those fears will be squashed. From providing emergency numbers in a plethora of different countries to seeking out small tours, no matter your age or ethnicity, Meredith has literally thought of everything to help empower you to travel. So book that trip and go explore.
In this episode I talk to Meredith San Diego, a California native, solo travelling, Black-American female over the age of 40 – also known online as Bag Lady Meredith San Diego. Having travelled full-time in her 30s as a solo female backpacker, her adventure travel blog originally served as a travel journal before she rebranded it into a platform to educate and empower women of all ages, ethnicities, and walks of life to get out and explore more – even if that means going solo!
In this IG live with @thecanadianwander we chat about practicing sustainability on a day-to-day basis? 👇 We covered alternate travel methods, different types of accommodation and how how to be more sustainable at home.
“To be a traveler of color means community to me. More and more in the present day. There is a solidarity among traveling POCs that has been truly uplifting.”
Recapping stories of solo female traveling, her motivation and what inspires Meredith to keep going.

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Bag Lady Meredith San Diego is always on the move! Completing her 57th country in 2022, where can you spot Meredith San Diego adventuring in 2024? Stay tuned to find out just where in the world is Meredith San Diego!