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Traveling as a solo female traveler can be massively intimidating.

You’ve got questions, Meredith has answers!

I was once in your shoes and new to solo traveling, too. Now, after 10 years of solo traveling and living abroad, this avid adventurer is prime to inspire, motivate, and assist you with your sustainable solo travel needs.

Get to the heart of your solo traveling deterrents on a 1-on-1 with Meredith. Perfect for the first-time solo female traveler, solo female digital nomad, or anyone entertaining the idea of solo living abroad.

Let’s chat about how easily you can incorporate sustainable travel practices!


Meredith’s my name and motivation is my aim!

I can’t physically walk you to the plane, train, bus, or boat. But I can arm you with the strategies and wherewithal it takes to go and grow on your first solo traveling trip.

Planning a solo trip and need to discuss strategies for:

Book a 60-minute Strategic Solo Travel Consult with Meredith to gain access to all the free nuggets that drip with ease in basic conversation during this customized 1-on-1 Strategic Solo Traveling Consultation.

There’s plenty of time to cover any questions or concerns you might have about your impending solo traveling journey.

Watching Meredith's travels helped to dispel any fears I had about being on a plane and traveling throughout unknown territory. Her ease to move about the world and positive attitude allowed me to believe that I could do it, too. I trusted her guidance, instincts, and experience living abroad and have now begun to make my own PLANS to see more of this beautiful world. Next up Bali 2021!
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Jazmin Steele
Empowerment Coach & Entrepreneur

Need More Time?

Every 60-minute consultation comes with an extra 15 minutes for FREE!

Travel talking always eclipses the time! If we run over on our call, don’t worry about it because we’ve got an extra 15 minutes of padding to discuss all things solo sustainable traveling.

Having traveled to over 40 countries as a solo female backpacker, I’m hyperaware of the many details that go into planning a safe, adventure-full, and memorable solo trip.

With someone as global as I have been, you’re going to want to know how I can extend my global network of connections to you! 

Bag Lady Meredith San Diego makes me feel courageous and like nothing is impossible. She wants to inspire all of us women to travel with no fears, to be ourselves, and enjoy this beautiful world. She is WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for always putting yourself out there and showing us that everything beautiful is possible while you travel.
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Pily Negron
Solo Traveler (Peru)


A Strategic Solo Traveling Consult is a 1-on-1 video call with Meredith San Diego. These consults aim to help sway any deterrents for solo traveling, especially for first-time female travelers.

What it isn’t is a meeting with a travel agent! This is a paid consultation with a professional solo traveler to gain insight and inspiration into solo jet setting.

Consultations are 60 minutes in length, personalized, and plenty of fun to boot. What’s stopping you from going out to explore more of this unique world we’re privileged to call home?

Book an SSTC and let’s discuss.

The world of travel is ever-changing, borders are continually being redrawn, and visa entry/airline rules, seemingly change with the wind too. Most on the fence about travel don’t even consider these elements when pre-planning or travel daydreaming.

Have no fear, though, because Meredith is here! I’ve learned a few dozen tricks of the solo sustainable travel trade over the years that I am all too happy to share with you.

I will also keep you updated on any relevant travel news for the destinations of interest/travel booking for the duration of your trip.

Solo Travel is often overly romanticized and the reality of traveling alone can be overwhelming. A Strategic Solo Traveling Consultation is perfect for the 1st time solo traveler, women exploring the world of solo female traveling but needing a tiny push, or for those seeking the motivation to travel sustainably after a global pandemic. 

Select the length of 1-on-1 you’d like and follow the action button for booking or click here for a list of the available SSTCs and the time slots currently available.

SSTC calls are hosted on Zoom.

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This free guide covers all the apps you will need to make your solo travel easy!

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Bag Lady Meredith San Diego is always on the move! Completing her 57th country in 2022, where can you spot Meredith San Diego adventuring in 2023? Stay tuned to find out just where in the world is Meredith San Diego!