Adventure Is A Mood: Female Adventuress IG Accounts Worthy of Wanderlust

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Global vaccinations abound as the World tiptoes toward Summer and the inevitable return of tourism. Travel addicts everywhere are in anticipation of the thaw and are eager to get back to adventuring ASAP. In the meantime, check out these 10 solo female adventuresses that remind us that adventure is a mood.

First up, Lindsay.

1. @onegirlwandering

Lindsay is a travel blogger and content creator based in Austin, Texas (USA). She loves to encourage and educate women on how to discover their strength and independence through exploring the world. Many people are surprised to find out that Lindsay is married and solo travels. She believes that solo travel is an important tool for self-care, can put you back in touch with your independence, critical thinking, and give you an overall sense of empowerment that you can carry into daily life.

Adventure is a mood

Sounds familiar right? As a solo traveling female inspiring women to do the same, Lindsay’s educational travel tips and accessories keep me coming back for more. Find her on IG, TikTok, and her travel website, too. 

2. @Travelwithpri

Next up is Prisha, Caprisha to be exact. This adventuress mommy of two is based in the USA. After her kids left the house, Caprisha began exploring solo – she was 39-years-old. For Caprisha travel is her outlet. “I easily get bored and need the adventure to break up the monotony of my normal day-to-day tasks, such as work and other commitments. I love finding hidden gems in the US and experiencing different cultures, and lifestyles when visiting [other] countries.”

Caprisha enjoys creating her own travel itineraries while leaving space for plenty of spontaneity along the way. Her tips for travel are to maximize your travel time by planning ahead.

Adventure is a mood

We skip around the globe with fellow serial ex-pat, Iulia, next.

3. @hereis.iulia

Iulia is a 26-year-old born in the countryside of Romania. She describes herself as a curious soul driven to explore, discover and understand the world; a restless girl who learned how to fly and gave up her roots. 

Over the last 5 years, she has visited 30 countries across Europe, Asia, and North Africa. “Being educated by the newness of a country, its customs so different from my home, I knew my wanderlust was truly important to me.”

Adventure is a mood

Iulia traveled solo for the first time at the ripe age of 21. Four years back, she moved to Morrocco to volunteer her time and talent to humanitarian causes. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Belgium and most recently relocated to Ireland. A courageous, female, serial ex-pat after my own heart. 

For Iulia, adventure is traveling itself. The new, the unexplored, the “what is this” and “I never tried that before” elements of experiencing something brand new. Such an eloquent explanation of adventure, if I do say so myself. 

Feeling like adventure is a mood, yet?

4. @A_Kat_Abroad

Kat was introduced to solo travel when her parents suggested she do a semester of her undergraduate degree abroad in Guatemala. If they only knew that this one trip would be the backstory of one of the biggest powerhouses in the business. In addition to adventuring like a pro, Kat is the Founder of @a_wayabroad. A community for those seeking guidance getting themselves abroad via work opportunities. As one of the fiercest female platforms for travel out there, you should be following Kat and her business account ASAP to keep adventure as a mood in your wanderlust-filled existence. 

You can catch Kat in Vietnam with her husband whom she met on a solo adventure to Panama a handful of years ago. When I asked Kat to tell me why solo travel is mandatory in her life, her reply was on point. 

Adventure is a mood

“Sometimes you need a push to make a big change in your life. And trust me, the biggest changes are usually the most rewarding. You’ll probably be terrified in the process. Accept the jitters and be ready to embrace the positives along with the challenges you’ll no doubt face on the road. Solo travel will be unlike anything else you’ve ever done before. All of a sudden it’s just you. You’ll learn more about yourself in a day of solo travel and that is the best gift you can give yourself.”

5. @Hlonelal

A 33-year-old journalist, Hlonela, based in Kenya by way of South Africa. The nomadic lifestyle of her upbringing introduced her to travel at an early age. She describes, “trip[s] that would take 10 hours by bus or 17 hours by train. But those trips were the highlight of [her] teenage life.” 

A completely disarming smile and a laugh too contagious, this IG handle is always a good time wrapped in good vibes. On the topic of solo travel, Hlonela explains that “solo travel became [her] MO when [she] realized how stressful it can be planning group trips and actually seeing them through. Several times [her] friends would make plans and [leave her as] the last [wo]man standing when it’s go-time.” Which among us solo adventure enthusiasts can’t relate to that?

Adventure is a mood

Adventure is mandatory for this avid adventuress for dozens of reasons, “discovering new places, people and cultures feeds [her] soul. One of the things [she] looks forward to on the road is embracing how others live. It teaches you respect, patience, and gratitude. Perhaps most importantly is this: The more you move, the more you grow. It will always be your responsibility to take that first step and keep moving…so you can keep growing.”

Dropping a few safety nuggets for our solo female community, Hlonela adds, “locals can help with tips from security, food, hotels, and affordable things to do when traveling on a budget. Another tip, always let someone you trust know where you are [but] never post your live location in real-time on social media.” Spoken like a pro.

Let’s continue with this mood, shall we?

6. @wanderingworldwidewithliz

I support travel for all ages. And as someone whose wanderlust didn’t take flight until her mid-30’s, I salute those of us who don’t wait that long. Take Liz for example, a second-generation Asian-American born and raised in the USA. 

Liz was drawn to solo traveling because of adventure, of course.  She’s also a fan of the abundance of self-growth that it can bring. “I believe that travel is something that truly brings lifelong learning and doing it solo can be all the more meaningful. For [Liz], it’s important to travel because it’s important to explore, learn, push [your]self, and enjoy life. It takes some bravery and determination, but it will be an experience of a lifetime. Pack light so there is more room for adventures and less stress of worrying about your bags.”

Adventure is a mood

7. @letsgetstamps

As if the IG handle wasn’t enticing enough, you should see this melanated beauty! Brittany is a self-proclaimed queen, a mommy, a businesswoman, and a wife. Currently living on the East Coast of the USA, she is no stranger to travel. Born into a military family, she was a globetrotter long before she could walk. As a mother, she now carries on the tradition of traveling as a role model for her husband and children.

According to Brittany, “I’m passionate about [solo] travel and creating content that amazes people. Adventure is mandatory for my life because I’m able to feel liberated.” And when I asked her what tip she would give to other female travelers out there, she replied, “Never be afraid to travel alone just be vigilant, not naive but have fun because travel memories last for a lifetime.”

Adventure is a mood

Brittany is a take-action kind of person, and I am here for it. Not settling for the photographs on social media or in magazines, she got out there to witness and experience it for herself. Passport stamps go without saying for this adventuress.

Adventure is a mood for real when you follow this next account…

8. @VagariousWanderer

Jenn is the creative mind behind the travel blog VagariousWanderer.com. This Massachusetts-based powerhouse is also married but travels primarily solo. Jenn explains that she was “originally drawn to solo travel when [she] discovered some old photo albums in the back of [her] great-grandmother’s closet. There were pictures of her all over the world…but she was totally alone in most of them and at 7-years-old [Jenn] was pretty confused. When [she] asked her [Grandmother] why she was by herself [the response was], Well my husband is gone and all my children are grown, why shouldn’t I still be able to travel where and when I want? That really planted a seed not to wait around for other people to [go] see the world.”

When I asked Jenn why solo travel remains non-negotiable in her married life, she vehemently explained that she has “experienced a lot of trauma in life, and adventure has been the only way [she’s] ever been able to work through the big emotions. Sometimes soothing 1:1 time with Mother Nature [will do], while other times exhausting [herself] with a jam-packed city adventure” was necessary.

Adventure is a mood

9. @Meals.and.miles

Not neglecting my travel foodies out there, allow me to introduce you to Monique. This solo foodie takes us a long while she travels the world one bite at a time. This 34-year-old mother and wife from Tennessee will occasionally leave her family behind to travel. Exploring other cultures while educating herself on what it means to be a good human being, the travel life is the life she adorns. Monique’s wanderlust vibes with mine because she understands that adventure is a mood. And highlights the importance of expanding one’s horizons to break the tediousness of society’s daily norms.

One way she does this is through food. Having developed her affluent tastes for different foods and spices from her explorations. “Solo travel for me was easy, as I am an introvert at heart. It’s allowed me to meet new people all over the world.”

Monique’s safety tips: “One tip for solo travelers, pay attention to your surroundings. While it’s fun to explore make sure you research the area in which you are staying. Have emergency contacts on standby and keep your location on [for those people] at all times.” 

Adventure is a mood

10. @Backpackingchick

This is Lucy, my most recent friend-in-my-head that has a story of triumph that many can relate to. When I asked Lucy about why she began traveling solo, she was vulnerable enough to express a bit of the story to share with you all. 

“At the age of 25 was the first time I realized that globetrotting was the beginning of a healing process. This rebirth of my “damaged/broken” soul after confronting the traumas of an abusive relationship [were] tightly bottled up. My story was just one story of BILLIONS of hurt people that surrounded me. I found my peace through unfamiliar territory and unfamiliar people who hold their own unique stories. I was no longer that girl filled with trauma and a bundle of broken pieces, but that independent girl that chose to leave all that was familiar to grow as a citizen of the world.”

Adventure is a mood

Give us one great safety tip for solo female adventuresses around the globe Lucy. “My only advice for you is to book that flight even if you have a ping of fear and unpack those heels – you won’t need them.”

There’s no way these adventuresses account don’t inspire your wanderlust. Like me, each of these women represents independence in its essence. Our visibility as phenomenal women only helps to motivate other females of all ages, shapes, or ethnicities to get out there and explore more. Adventure is an entire mood when you follow these solo female bad-asses. So what are you waiting for?

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