8 Adventure Travelers That Deliver On The Gram

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With the state of the world these days, who needs to be passport ready when adventure can be found simply using your fingertips? Thanks to social media, we can all live our best lives vicariously through adventure travelers that deliver continuously on the Gram, Instagram, that is.

Let me explain.

As a female (primarily solo) traveler, I am constantly inspired by other females in travel. It’s uplifting when I see women taking control of their own lives, despite the jabs of societal expectations. There’s an inspiration to be found in watching these goddesses steering their globetrotting chariots toward greatness, clearing a path for the rest of us as they do. It motivates me to remain steadfast as a female in this industry, especially as a female of color.

So here’s to some long overdue solidarity on the subject.

You may be more familiar with well-known travel accounts such as @thecatchmeifyoucan belonging to the first documented female to visit every country in the world, Jessica Nabongo, or @spiritedpursuit by the fiercely fabulous Lee Litumbe, and of course, fan-favorite, Oneika Raymond of @oneikatraveller. But here are eight additional adventure travelers that deliver adventure on the Gram; one country, one post, and one instastory at a time.

Adventure travelers that deliver
Adventure travelers that deliver

1. @Highontrice

Meet Latrice. A travel blogger and creative strategist offering guidance and priceless insight into digital marketing. Originally from Norfolk, Virginia, Latrice began her solo travels in 2019, immediately falling in love with the empowerment adventure brought to her life. In recent months, Latrice walked away from her fulltime job and moved to Thailand to pursue her digital nomadic dreams and travel more often.

Adventure travelers that deliver
A Black-American expat living in Thailand. Live her best life along with her on @Highontrice

Now, she inspires others to live life without limits.

As a result, here’s why I obsess over her account: As a fellow, solo traveling, Black-American, digital nomad, I vibe with Latrice’s account on a fundamental level. As far as I am concerned, she gets it. “It”, being the whole SHEbang: traveling while Black, leaving a corporate position for the freedom of remote work, and a willingness to help others. But further from that, I am always entertained by her SHE-mazing instastories documenting her day-to-day as a digital nomad living in northern Thailand.

Which adventure traveler is up next?

2. @Leahslayovers

Meet Leah. A travel professional with Trinidadian roots and the next feature in this list of adventure travelers that deliver. Leah is always full of life and delivers her audience up close and personal cross-cultural exchanges. With more than 36 passport stamps, Leah has taken layover adventures on six different continents to date. Like so many wandering women of color, Leah seeks to inspire others with her travels, especially those that are unable to travel on their own.

Adventure travelers that deliver
Adventure in a nutshell: @Leahslayovers

As a result, here’s why I obsess over account: Leah has A LOT of nerve. This woman right here plans her vacation destination on the spot at the airport. The courage involved in this method of traveling is dumbfounding to me. Packing for any climate and multiple outdoor activities all within a carry-on-sized backpack… I’m beyond impressed, I’m speechless.

Ever wanted an adventure inspired by an endless road trip? This next account has you covered.

3. @Halleswanderingsoul

Meet Halle. A full-time road tripper and “vanlifer”. Halle jumped at the thought of adventure just three days after her college graduation and hasn’t looked back since. She built out a van, got herself packed, and hit the open road. More than a year later she has successfully driven to all connecting 48 States in the USA. 

Adventure travelers that deliver
This is Halle. Living her best van-life one mile and one National Park at a time. Follow her adventures on IG @halleswanderingsoul

As a result, here’s why I obsess over her account: She’s young, she’s full of adventure, and most importantly, she is showing other young women a different approach to a life of adventure. This young lady lives a digital nomadic existence…in her van. An outdoor enthusiast, Halle takes her followers with her as she travels through the National Parks of the United States on her way north toward her final destination of Alaska.

On the trend of being outdoors, lets get real adventurous with this next account.

4. @Outdoorsydiva

Meet Lauren. A travel writer and social media influencer rooted in empowering Black women to stretch and break free entirely of their comfort zone. Lauren uses her misadventures as an Outdoorsy Diva to bring awareness of the power of healing through travel, adventure, and nature. A longtime advocate for racial equality and inclusion, Lauren intertwines her passions with education about inclusive outdoor recreations via her travel blog and podcast 

Adventure travelers that deliver
Get outside with @Outdoorsydiva

As a result, here’s why I obsess over her account: The name says it all and almost ineptly describes my personal vibe when outdoors: Diva. I’m a fan and support her advocacy for awareness about the importance of breaking down stereotypes, encouraging people of color to get outside. Not too mention that this is truly a female that puts the Energizer Bunny to shame. Lauren hosts and produces an active podcast is a published photographer and runs her own professional consulting business. Two snaps all the way up, Sis.

Are you following any of these bright young stars?

5. @SoloBlackTraveler

Meet Koso. For this fellow solo-female traveler, adventure is a way of life. Koso has achieved so much in a small amount of time. Koso has managed to travel to 22 countries in the last 4 years. Pretty impressive! And she has serious travel goals, too, with hopes of seeing (at least) 50% of the globe in her lifetime.

Adventure travelers that deliver
Follow Koso @soloblacktraveler for more adventure.

As a result, here’s why I obsess on her account: Like Koso, cross-cultural exchanges are crucial to my travel experiences. It improves empathy, self-awareness, and for some of us, leaves a lasting impression on how we approach our day to day human interactions.  Watching Koso experience life through adventure travel further highlights being Black in travel. The importance of this visibility is profound for the next generations of people of color and I, for one, am fully engaged.

If living abroad has always been on your adventure bucket list then this next traveler’s account has you covered.

6. @Candaceabroad

Meet Candace. An East-Coast girl turned Londoner who’s captivated me with her unique capability to combine her passions for education, business, and traveling into one account. That’s no easy feat. Candace stretches far beyond her comfort zone when jet setting, hosts a podcast centered on inspiring youth through travel and speaks multiple languages. Does she have your attention now?

Adventure travelers that deliver
What’s it like living abroad? Follow @Candaceabroad for more details.

As a result, here’s why I obsess on her account: I fully support any human living and working abroad. Mainly because I do too. But also because I understand the trials and tribulations that come along with it. Following @Candaceabroad gives me an unwavering sense of solidarity while enticing me with adventure.

On the topic of solidarity, lets pause for the cause of inclusivity. Allow me to take a moment to recognize some inspiring men in travel!

7. @Radius_of_Earth

Meet Bhav. A self-proclaimed office nerd and nature-based adventurer originally from the United Kingdom. Bhav started globetrotting in his mid-20s and has made it to more than 60 countries in total– and counting! 

Adventure travelers that deliver
This is Bhav. A professional nerd and amateur explorer from the UK. Follow his adventures on IG @radius_of_earth

As a result, here’s why I obsess on his account: Bhav goes headfirst into cross-cultural exchanges. With every journey we learn about a culture through the eyes of locals; primo stuff for sustainable travel enthusiasts. And the landscapes he captures to share with the rest of us often take my breath away.

8. @Thetravelpapi

Meet Eric. A first-generation Latin-American from Philadelphia. Representing Puerto Rico, Eric is driven to inspire minority children growing up in low-income communities that anything is possible with focus, determination, and hard work. 

Little Passports Banners
Adventure travelers that deliver
Steppin’ out in style one adventurous destination at a time, @Thetravelpapi

As a result, here’s why I obsess on his account: Anyone willing to fail forward for the sake of others is a hero in my book. It doesn’t hurt that he’s quite the poser on his adventures, delivering epic capture after epic capture on his feed. From the desert sands of Egypt to shorelines of Puerto Rico, follow @thetravelpapi for plenty of adventure with a dash of machismo. 

Aren’t these eight adventure travelers that deliver on the Gram worth following?

The travel industry may be in hibernation, but it will wake, flex, and be fully rejuvenated in time for the Holidays. Start following these eight adventure travelers that deliver on the Gram. You deserve to stay ahead of the curve.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you where to find your daily dose of adventure from the travel queen herself, yours truly, Meredith San Diego. Follow @baglady.meredith.sandiego for more adventure travel that delivers on the Gram. Don’t forget to follow Meredith on YouTube, too!

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  1. Thank you again for the feature! I’m honored to have been a part of this and enjoyed reading the others stories. Keep up the good work!

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