5 Indispensable Tips For Safety & Security

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Traveling, as a female, for many is viewed as tough. Traveling as a solo female even tougher. As a pro at the solo female travel lifestyle, I am often asked about best travel practices. Even more so about safety measures I take before and/or during my travel path. I know, I know, no one’s traveling too much right now. But tourism plans to make a massive splash in the coming months. Get ahead of the curve with these five indispensable tips for safety & security to be prepared when it does. 

Being a solo female adventuress, a badge I most certainly wear with honor, was never the plan. It was more circumstantial and honestly born out of impatience. Having to consistently wait for the timing or finances to line up for travel companions, I would often decide to go alone. No, it wasn’t always simple to execute, but it was a simple decision of courage.

Countless mistakes, mishaps, and humbling life lessons later, I am still standing. And I am still traveling solo – it’s become a preference lately as it’s much easier to make and execute decisions for a party of one. Making smart decisions, though, comes with experience and education. 

Let’s dive into these safety apps and recommendations, shall we?

1. What3Words

What3Words is a solid place to start when considering safety while traveling solo. As a location finder, this smart app assigns a unique three-word combination to every 10-foot square on the planet. Why would they do that? I don’t know, ask them about it. But it’s wicked smart and allows females to communicate their whereabouts safely using three words vs an exact location. Why is this useful as a solo female traveler? You never know which opportunist is in earshot of personal conversations. Communicating with the unique location code is a simple way to keep control of your outing and that can be mega empowering.

Take it one step further and organize events, meet-ups, or document unsafe locations, too. Save the three-word combo where you parked the car, or direct the Uber Eats driver to that hard-to-find Bnb address. This app is free and available for both Android and iPhone, and ranked 4.1 & 4.8, respectively. It is compatible with other navigation apps, such as Maps and Google Maps, too. The app is operational offline and comes in over 40 languages.

You’re welcome! What’s next?

Tips for safety & security

2. Noonlight

Noonlight, formerly known as SafeTrek, is another indispensable tip for safety & security while traveling solo. This app is powerful for anyone, but especially for solo female travelers. Not sure if a situation will require emergency services or if your physical health will be threatened? Open the app and hold the button down. If the situation escalates, remove your finger from the button, and emergency services are immediately dispatched to your exact position. Even if you’re moving. The important element here is your device. Be sure it stays with you.

Riding in a car alone in the middle of the night with a stranger can be intimidating. With Noonlight, user can access a pre-recorded video or audio of a fake conversation. The recording acts like a loved one anticipating your arrival to help ease any unwanted tension. Another empowering way to keep the control in your hands as a solo (female) traveler. To disable the app, release the button and enter your passcode.

This app is, unfortunately, only available in the United States and requires a monthly payment. It does, however, offer a one-month free trial. For those who plan to visit the USA, installing the app and initiate the free trial, could be a good idea. 

Another helpful tip is to incorporate safety right into your wardrobe.

3. Flare Bracelet

Why not wear it your security? Flare Bracelet is a stunning piece of jewelry that compliments any skin tone. Made by women for women, each bracelet has Bluetooth technology installed. Sync the bracelet with the app and notify a selected emergency contact (or 911) of your whereabouts when in trouble. Every woman should be wearing one of these.

Tips for safety & security

4. Bond 

With an entire suite of safety services, Bond is next-level awesome and allows you to navigate a flurry of safety scenarios from anywhere in the World. Alert loved ones of your whereabouts during your solo journey with the location services and put their concerns at ease by letting them see where you are as you globetrot. 

There’s the Siren feature, which sounds loudly when you feel threatened or press the 911 button to call for emergency services. Can’t connect to the app, a trained Personal Security Agent (PSA) is available to assist you. Premium services that include roadside assistance, access to a doctor, or a video monitor also exist at an additional cost.

Bond is free to download and available for both iPhone and Android and ranked 4.8 and 4.3, respectively. 

When all else fails, keep it simple.

5. Register with your embassy

The responsible thing to do before any international jaunt is to register your trip with your embassy. It’s quick, simple, and obviously one of five indispensable tips for safety & security for any traveler. Natural disasters happen and knowing you registered with your embassy when one does will be vindicating as heck.

Not every traveler does this, including yours truly, but I should. In my early travel days, I absolutely did. But it is admittedly a step I skip over that I shouldn’t.

Still, I thought I’d share these five indispensable tips for safety & security with you. When my expertise can be invaluable to others, I am filled with joy so I do hope you find value in the aforementioned list. More importantly, that it inspires you to book that solo adventure. I aim to encourage women of all ages, ethnicities, and shapes to get out there and go. Even if that means going solo.

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