7 Reasons Why You Need A Strategic Solo Traveling Consultation

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Why You Need A Strategic Solo Traveling Consultation

Solo traveling is booming, but you’re still travel planning and daydreaming from your couch. Why is that? There are likely a dozen justifiable-to-you reasons that you can shyly lie out before me. None of which are excuses enough not to go. 

If you’re able and willing, I am motivated to help you close the gap on those deterrents. My Strategic Solo Traveling Consultations are perfect for the first-time solo female traveler. But are beneficial to any type of solo traveler. 

7 Fundamental Reasons Why You Need a Strategic Solo Traveling Consultation

I could go on and on about why one of my Strategic Solo Traveling Consultations needs to be a priority task ahead of that next solo adventure. But for the sake of time and word count, I have compiled this list of seven fundamental reasons to get us started. 

Get strategic traveling advice and travel hacks from a professional!

1. Break The Stigmas of Solo Female Travel

Reason number one is to break the stigmas of the patriarchy and those deep-conditioned thoughts that accompany it. Trust me, I’ve heard them too, once upon an earlier traveling time. They sound a little something like this, “Women shouldn’t be traveling alone— it’s dangerous! What do you do if you need help? What man is going to cherish such an independent woman?

The difference between you and me aspiring adventurer, is that I ignored those voices and went anyway. Now with 58 passport stamps behind me, more than 40 of which have been earned as a solo female traveler, I am poised to show you how you can do the same. Let’s break the stigmas of solo female travel and rewrite the narrative. 

2. Solo Traveling Solidarity via Community

The second common deterrent for women to solo travel is in the description of the travel method, solo. The truth is that even if you go solo, you’re not technically alone. Connect with a solo traveling community, for example. There are several strategic methods to sidestep the solo-ness of it all while maintaining a foundation of solo traveling. Did I lose you there? Don’t worry, I’ll explain. 

As I mentioned before, solo traveling is trending. So, the likelihood that you will stumble across fellow solo traveling females white on your own solo adventure is extremely high. What’s more, these women are more than a little like-minded to the notion and equally appreciate downtime. It’s the best of both worlds.

The easiest way to get to the bottom of your major deterrents is to discuss it. To help make this choice a no-brainer, I launched a FREE 15-minute version of my solo travel consultations. It might not sound like a lot of time, and that’s because it isn’t. But it is enough time for us to pinpoint what is holding you back. From there, I can help clear a pathway or strategy to make your solo travel dream a reality.

There’s Tips A Plenty in Meredith’s Strategic Solo Traveling Consultations

I noticed that in basic conversation, travel nuggets would easily drip from my lips. Most of those were no-brainers to me as an avid solo traveler but big news and unforeseen travel hacks to others. That realization gave birth to the idea of travel consultations as a service for solo travelers. 

Here are more reasons why you need a Strategic Solo Traveling Consultation with Meredith.

3. Sustainable Solo Traveler Tips

Those aspiring solo traveling females with a conscious worry not. Meredith and her sustainable traveling tips are here. Sustainable traveling is the responsibility of any traveler. Regardless, I always salute an environmentally conscious solo female traveler making it their business to advocate for the cause. There’s something about connecting with the Pachamama while exploring the inner depths of ourselves as women. 

Not to mention the unavoidable interconnectivity that accompanies mindfulness, the more we come to appreciate our surroundings, and what it took and takes for it to be present and as impactful as it is, the more we realize the importance of sustaining it. Who wouldn’t want the next generation of solo female travelers to experience the same weightlessness of empowerment that solo traveling as a woman undoubtedly brings?

meredith quote sustainable solo traveling
Sustainable traveling is the future!

I can recall being overly emotional while standing in front of Diamond Beach in Iceland. I had taken myself to the land of Fire and Ice as a 40th birthday present, all too thrilled to witness the wonders of raw nature there. But on that beach, watching massive chunks of glacier detach and bob up and down in the crisp, deep Atlantic before me. Hearing and feeling the sound of the ice to my core, knowing that my youngest sister may not be able to do the same one day, profoundly moved me.

The fact that this very glacier may not exist in another 30 years, floored my psyche. And to be standing there witnessing it myself overwhelmed me with a steady combination of gratitude and shame. I was grateful for the privilege to be there and grateful for my courage to go solo. But also shameful for the generations, including mine, that failed to take into consideration the impact the lack of sustainability will have on travel generations to come. 

4. Solo Female Travel Safety Tips

Safety remains tied to affordability when it comes to deterrents from solo female traveling. At least this has been the case with those Strategic Solo Travel Consultations I have had the privilege to conduct. The first deterrent is whether or not destinations are “safe” and the second is whether or not it’s an “affordable” location.

I put both of these words into quotes because they’re super subjective. Let’s kick things off with the word safe. What people are really asking is whether or not their lives will be in any immediate danger. This is a wholly justifiable concern, especially considering that certain locations have wild reputations for natural disasters, etc. But the idea that another country is less safe than your own is another one of those deep-seated thought processes instilled in females. 

The truth of the matter is that you could leave your home in your developed nation and cross the street and be hit and killed by a drunk driver or out-of-control bus. Which is to say that danger lurks everywhere within the unknown. But what it shouldn’t be is a deterrent to finally get yourself to that destination you’ve been dreaming of for decades. I’m not saying that solo traveling as a female isn’t dangerous because it very much can be. The point I am making is that it’s no excuse not to go considering the state of the world we live in. 

Besides there are plenty of resources available to women nowadays who want to feel safe as they travel. I’m talking about door stoppers, live GPS-tracked jewelry, there’s even accessories with built-in alarm systems. Not to mention there are plenty of tips for safety and security while traveling on the blog or searchable on YouTube.

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Emergencies happen even while traveling. Luckily, I comprised this amazing travel FREEBIE outlining all of the emergency service numbers by continent! You’re welcome!

What Else Is a Strategic Solo Traveling Consultation Good For?

Plenty, but I promised to cover the seven fundamental reasons. And as a woman of my word, it is these seven reasons that I will continue to cover for you now.

5. Planning Logistics, Changing borders

Logistics is one of my favorite elements of solo traveling. Call me strange, which wouldn’t be inaccurate, but these tiny details and I get along too well. Whether it’s finding the cheapest connecting flight, train, or long-distance bus ride, I adore logistics. 

Trust that I have made plenty of logistical errors in my travel hay day. Mostly when too tired to think straight or pressed for a solution. Both scenarios make it much easier for me to navigate logistical hiccups these days. From arriving at an airport after midnight only to realize that taxis and other methods of public transport are not functioning yet, to booking tickets out of the wrong airport, I have done it all. 

This confession might make you wonder how I can be of help to you, but I promise you that it’s because of those failures I can better prepare you for your own. That’s right! I am not going to pretend like logistical mishaps are completely unavoidable because they simply aren’t. Logistics is one of those external factors that depends too much on things out of your control. 

What I can do is equip you with the resources to navigate these hiccups as they arise. Something else I can equip you with is stellar packing tips.

6. Packing Tips

What to pack depends on where in the world you’re headed. One thing remains factual, though, I am glad to have made the packing mistakes that I have. Why? Because it helps me better prepare you, aspiring solo traveler, to avoid doing the same.

Full disclosure, I am an organized individual and packing is a task I typically begin weeks ahead of my trip. I understand that not everyone operates this way. But that’s also what made my organizational skills stand out as a superpower in this regard. The long and short of it is that you will not need half of the things you think you do on this trip. On any trip for that matter. 

When globetrotting, less is always more. Especially if you are setting out as a backpacker. Backpacking is a great introduction to sustainability and minimalism because everything you own is strapped to your person. Want those cool new boots, where are they going to fit in your pack? It is quite literally tit for tat. You cannot stuff something in, without taking some things out.

That’s right, everything becomes a decision when backpacking because there simply isn’t room for everything. This headspace can easily carry over to luggage packing, too. With airlines charging for almost everything these days, learning how to pack less while traveling will translate into savings.

7. Travel Stories

Sometimes simply listening to the adventures of someone who has been there is motivation enough. The commonalities in personality aside, travel tales of success and failure help prepare others. From simple truths like neighborhoods, consider booking accommodations as a solo female traveler. All the way to travel content creation tips and hacks for solo female travelers, there’s plenty to grasp from hearing how someone else experienced things. 

If you want to hear these stories from the horse’s mouth, you can get a lovely handful of them as a PATRON on my Patreon account. Unlike other social media networks, my PATRONS have access to exclusive travel content, travel stories, and freebies. 

Who knows? Perhaps there’s a shared experience on the horizon! But you won’t know unless you go!

Still on the Fence About Booking a Strategic Solo Traveling Consultation?

Listen, it’s totally normal to be terrified when pushing your comfort zone so far away from the norm. But there is not a single solo female traveler that I have met that said to me they wish they never went! Let that sink in for a minute…

So the real question to ask yourself is, if not now, when?

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You’ve got questions, Meredith has answers!

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Bag Lady Meredith San Diego is always on the move! Completing her 57th country in 2022, where can you spot Meredith San Diego adventuring in 2023? Stay tuned to find out just where in the world is Meredith San Diego!