5 Benefits Of Staying Connected While Solo Traveling

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If you consider yourself a solo traveler in this day and age, you understand the power of staying connected while solo traveling. It’s part of curating a controlled balance of self while so many external forces are out of your control while traveling.

The isolation, consistent cultural changes, and code-switching get exhausting. Especially for those of us who have done solo travel full-time. Sure, it’s mega healthy – and highly recommended – to unplug, put your phone down, and be in the moment. 

But when you’re feeling lonelier than ever, being in the moment is easier said than done sometimes. I recall mopping around a beach on an island in Fiji after a screaming match with my then-boyfriend. It was brutal trying to remind myself that I was in a beautiful place that Millions of people would love the opportunity to experience. 

But what I truly needed was my tribe. 

Years later, as a female living solo abroad, the benefits of staying connected while traveling are worked into my daily existence. To help those who haven’t yet found their flow, I’ve drafted a list of five benefits of staying connected while solo traveling to help remind you that it’s a great idea to keep in touch while on the go.

The best part of Staying Connected While Solo Traveling as captured by Jackie Parker.
Staying connected while traveling feels like your tribe is right there with you. Photo sourced on Unsplash as taken by Jackie Parker.

Benefits of Staying Connected While Solo Traveling

Thanks to smart devices and global networks, staying connected while solo traveling is simpler than ever. Yes, smart devices are always listening to us and running algorithms to inspire consumer action. But they also connected me with my 12-year-old nephew in Texas while living in Thailand.

I choose to appreciate the latter. And as more of us adopt a nomadic existence, pushing our comfort zones to the max, we can easily fall victim to social disconnect. It’s even easier for those of us who go through the majority of life solo, traveling or moving abroad.

Here are five reasons why you should prioritize staying in touch with loved ones while solo traveling.

1. Checking In Isn’t Just For Airport Gates

Avid travelers understand how worried their family gets if they don’t check in for a few days. For solo travelers, time flies by, and the longer you’re on the go, the easier it can be to lose track of time. Sure, that might be the point for some, but remember you can’t outrun life no matter how hard or far you travel to try and do it. 

Staying connected while solo traveling needs to become a practice. Otherwise, it’s far too easy to fall into the gap of out of sight, out of mind. Taking the time to check in means you can keep loved ones up to date and let them know the happenings of your location. 

2. It’s Great For Managing Jetlag

The second benefit of staying connected while solo traveling is fighting off jetlag. Arriving in another country in a different timezone takes a toll on the body. Fighting jetlag by setting up chat times or LOOM sessions is a solid strategy to beat the worst of it. 
It’s also a stellar substitute for boredom. Not digging what’s available on Netflix or not quite into how to watch BBC iPlayer in Australia or whatever else is on the television networks available? Set up a chat instead. Being connected to your inner tribe while experiencing life-changing events helps us process the happenings of this lifestyle.

Staying Connected While Traveling as captured by Collins Lesulie: via Unsplash
In this digital age, staying connected while traveling is easier than ever. Photo by Collins Lesulie as sourced on Unsplash.

3. Staying Connected While Solo Traveling Is Grounding

You can plan your trip down to the nearest second, but the unexpected is bound to happen.  Staying connected as a solo traveler means staying abreast of travel itinerary changes. It’s also a great way to stay in the loop on major news events for your current, next, or home destination. 

Speaking of delays, the amount of cancellations and long layovers happening in aviation has been bananas this year (2023). Being grounded is a bummer, but it’s easier to tolerate when you can lean on your smart device.

4. Navigating Digital Nomadness Just Got Easier

Smart devices can be an asset while solo traveling if not a lifesaver entirely. Landing in an unfamiliar city late at night, language barriers, or finding last-minute accommodations. A smart device can help manage it all. 

Those who spend months traveling tend to be digital nomads.  All that’s necessary then is a steady wifi connection. Buying a SIM card may not be your preference, but if you do not have global coverage, it’s a solid idea. Most can be purchased at the airport after customs and passport control. 

Solo Traveling can feel isolating. Perfect capture by Sebastian Leon Prado via Unsplash
We have to hold ourselves accountable for staying connected while traveling, too. Photo by Sebastian Leon as sourced on Unsplash.

5. Adventure Tips Abound

Staying connected while solo traveling means getting access to stellar recommendations from other travelers. Further, it means the opportunity to connect with other travelers in town. Hostel stays are a great strategy to make friends while solo traveling because it’s a money-saving technique. Explore more for less because you’re part of a pack of four or more vs. solo. 

These like-minded travelers likely come with an entire guidebook of recommendations for accommodations, tours, and sites. This is why staying connected while solo traveling works in your favor long after you’ve left their company. Visit them in their home country or invite them to stay with you in yours.

Additional Ways Of Staying Connected While Solo Traveling

Traveling solo doesn’t have to mean being alone. Solo traveling communities exist in troths on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. And there are other solo travelers just like you waiting to connect with someone. As an avid traveler myself, I have practiced this strategy time and again during my backpacking days. 

As a result, I’m hyperaware of the importance of these benefits, solo traveling strategies, and many more countless details. I can’t physically walk you to the plane, train, bus, or boat. But I can arm you with the strategies and wherewithal it takes to go and grow on your first solo traveling trip.

How so? With a Strategic Solo Traveling Consultation

These customized 1-on-1 Strategic Solo Traveling Consultations are designed for your trip preferences. Let’s discuss any deterrents, logistical hangups, and budget ideas for your solo trip.

Planning a trip longer than a couple of days (or weeks) and need to discuss in great detail? Book a 60-minute Strategic Solo Travel Consult with Meredith to gain access to all the goodies from a 30-minute call, but also ensure there’s time to cover any questions and/or concerns you might have about your impending solo traveling journey.

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