7 Exciting Destinations For Solo Female Travelers In 2024

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It’s a new year, which means new opportunities to start solo traveling. Whether it was a New Year’s resolution or a new idea taking shape, you owe it to yourself to travel in 2024. Especially with how popular solo female traveling has become. It is easier and safer than ever for females to get out there and go solo. 

To be of travel assistance, I have curated this wanderful list of exciting destinations for solo female travelers in 2024. 

Which 7 Destinations Are Perfect for Solo Female Travelers in 2024?

I have referenced a few of these destinations in previous blogs, but don’t assume that means I have nothing new to say. The world’s borders are ever-changing, as are passport validity laws in the different hemispheres. Add in the uptick in sustainable tourist taxes in countries around the globe, and you’ll thank me for this breakdown by the close. 

1. Belize

Belize is one of those places that enchants the adventure-filled child within you. Cenotes, cave climbing, ancient ruins, river rafting, the list of adventurous activities goes on. Please, don’t get me started on the wildlife: howler monkeys, toucans, manatees, tapirs, manta rays. Who’s ready for adventure?

I know what you’re thinking, “that all sounds great, but what makes Belize a smart choice for solo female travelers in 2024?” I applaud your inquisitiveness and will gladly answer this studious inquiry. For starters, the primary language spoken is English, and it’s well-connected logistically, making traveling around solo a breeze. There are also plenty of affordable accommodations and small group or private tours to take advantage of. 

The downside of Belize is it’s a popular tourist destination. That being said, remember to watch your belongings in big cities, and mind whom and how often you share details of your solo travels. Opportunists are everywhere, and they also know the increasing presence of solo female travelers. 

meredith=sandiego belize

Consider all this as you decide which cities to include in your itinerary. For adventure-full solo female travelers in 2024, consider the following stops in the country: Placenta, San Ignacio, Caye Caulker, and Hopkins.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Belize is not a budget-friendly destination. This fact may serve as a deterrent to solo travelers, but it shouldn’t. With a little planning and strategy, Belize is still an affordable solo destination. 

2. Jordan

Jordan is one of the most gorgeous locations on this list. Serene, red desert sands as far as the eyes can see in Wadi Rum. The ancient stones that line the walkways of the city of Petra. And lest we forget to mention the deliciousness that is a chicken shawarma. The popularity of this biblical country is increasing with each passing year.

Home to five UNESCO World Heritage sites, the country has begun to step up its sustainable efforts for tourism. With adventure tourism taking a front seat in recent years, Jordan comes highly recommended for outdoor enthusiasts. But is the destination secure for solo female travelers? Absolutely!

I chose the word secure vs. safe because, let’s face it, danger, as we call it, is technically lurking anywhere. But having a secure location for solo females is far more important if you ask me. What does that mean? That means having small group tours available in addition to private tours. And easy access to logistics in well-connected cities. 

The downside of Jordan, though, as a female is that your body becomes eye candy. To offset this, I recommend women adhere to cultural norms and expectations. That means covering their hair (if asked) and wearing long sleeves and pants to cover up skin. If this sounds threatening to you, then pass on this destination. 

Remember, as tourists, we’re visitors and not colonizers. That means dictating what you think is incorrect about the cultural norms or trying to “enlighten” locals with your free spirit and behavior is not the best choice.

3. The Philippines

The Philippines is an island nation that will knock your socks off, literally. Because the weather is so enchanting, you’ll primarily wear flip-flops or sandals. Island hopping aside, what’s most important for travelers to this destination is mindfulness. That is to say that tourists should be conscious of leaving beaches and cityscapes better than how they found them.

That means picking up your trash and depositing it in the correct bin, wearing coral-friendly sunscreen, and respecting local wildlife. One of my favorite nuances about this country was the prohibition of plastic anything in Natural Parks. To hammer that concept home, the nation has implemented strict jailing rules for those who violate (repeatedly) these laws. 

So pack your bamboo utensil set from The Sustainable Tomorrow to enjoy all the seafood splendor while being plastic-free. Remember that Bag Lady Blog readers can save up to 5% on their first purchase with the savings code MEREDITHSAVES10. You can thank me later!

4. Thailand

Moving on to the land of smiles, Thailand is one of three destinations I have traveled to more than thrice. Having had the opportunity to call the harmonious jungle paradise home for almost a year pre-pandemic, I am biased entirely. 


Peacock calls, geckos on walls, and noodles abound in this delightful destination for solo female travelers in 2024. Visas for stays longer than 30 days can be obtained ahead of arrival or upon arrival. Those opting for the latter should carry excess passport-sized photos and proof of accommodation (address) once through customs.

Thailand has long supported sustainable tourism practices, though, sadly, these laws aren’t evenly enforced throughout the massive country. As a result, the due diligence falls to the traveler. What does that mean? That means making sure you avoid participating in animal tourism, which includes riding on elephants or posing for pictures with highly drugged felines.

As tourists, we have the power here— meaning where and how we spend our money on tourist attractions matters. These horrible tours only exist because people keep buying them. Stop supporting the downside of tourism and embrace sustainability in this regard when visiting Thailand. 

That being said, there’s plenty of adventure waiting for you, solo traveler, in the land of smiles. There are plenty of gastronomic delights, loads of repurposed souvenirs to entice you, and the beaches, well…

5. Taiwan


Sticking around Asia, Taiwan is next on this list of exciting destinations for solo female travelers in 2024. Taiwan may be small, but it is mighty in many ways— nature for one, history for another.

Still, this destination can easily be seen in its entirety in about 7-10 days. Also well-connected logistically— I hope you’re sensing the repeated theme here— solo travelers can easily go from one part of the island to the other.

Sustainably, the country has leaned heavily into impact and educational tourism. Further embracing supporting local agriculture and businesses, tourism goes a long way to help the heart of the country’s economy. 

My recommendation for this destination is to get lost on purpose on the streets of Taipei. Allowing the wind to blow whispered songs in your ear as you go. Visit the flower fields in Zhongshe and take a day to explore the charming city surrounding Sun Moon Lake. Catch the bus from the city into the mountain town of Jeifung. Most certainly sit and enjoy a traditional tea ceremony while there. 

I hate to tear you away from the Asian continent, but let’s make our way to Europe.

6. Italy

Who doesn’t dream of going to Italy? Lemons the size of an adult head, men proposing marriage from the back of moving motorcycles. Ancient Roman historical sites, wine free-flowing from fountains, and hidden coves perfect for lovers. Italy will enchant the most stubborn of travelers.

What makes Italy an adventurous yet sustainable destination for solo female travelers in 2024?


The overland travel, for one. Italy is one of the best countries to take the train, long-distance or short. They’re comfortable, typically outfitted with working wifi, and even overnight cabins if needed. 

2024 also shows hints of increased interest in outdoorsy tours with an increase in camping reservations. Home to magnanimous areas like the Dolomites, this trend doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Having visited the Amalfi Coast and Rome on my solo adventures through Italy, this is one destination I look forward to returning to one day.

7. Spain

What’s not to say about the country I’ve chosen to immigrate to? Andalusia mimics Southern Californian climate and terrain but fails to mimic its living expenses, hallelujah. Bathed in historical wonder, Spain uniquely caters to three gorgeous coastlines. And with amazing weather year-round and the proximity to other European heavy-hitters like Italy, Germany, and France, Spain is blessed with regular tourism. 

That makes it ace for solo female travelers in 2024, as it boasts one of the safest destinations on this list. With new sustainable tourism taxes, tourists can anticipate paying extra to adventure through big cities like Barcelona and Ibiza. But with plenty of other options available, it’s easy enough to save money along the way. 

I am biased toward the southern region of the country, but there are some jaw-dropping locations in the North worth mentioning, too. Places like Basque Country and Galicia, to name a couple. But one location not to be missed while in Andalusia is Cádiz. Truly the most gorgeous place these two adventureful eyes have witnessed, this city dates back to Roman times and delivers one heck of a sunset.

Do you need more recommendations for solo adventures in 2024?

3 More Destination Suggestions for Solo Female Travelers in 2024

I could go on and on about destinations suitable for solo female travelers in 2024, or in general! Travel is the song in my heart, and I bellow about it loudly and often. Don’t believe me? Check out this nifty list of seven stops for environmentally conscious solo female travelers. And if you want more suggestions for travel this year, how about these:

The United States: Home to 63 National Parks, 50 natural wonders, and 49 contiguous states. The United States of America is topping the list for outdoor enthusiasts and solo female travelers in 2024.

Columbia: Rich with culture, two beautiful coastlines, rainforests, and pink dolphins. Colombia continues to see an increase in tourism, including solo female travelers in 2024. As a popular destination, the country has incredible sustainable tourism methods in place. 

Costa Rica: A leader in sustainable tourism, Costa Rica is where I decided to change my entire lifestyle. It was my 30th birthday, and my closest friends and I were covered in beach sand, unaware of what day or time it was. Embrace the pura vida!

A Heads Up About European Travel for Solo Female Travelers in 2024


Travel rules are always changing, much like borderlines. So it behooves travelers to do their due diligence ahead of international adventure. A prime example is the ever-changing rules for UK, US, and EU passport holders. 

As the world continues to adapt to the changes forced on it by Brexit, traveling between the UK and the EU (Schengen Zone) has become more complicated. That is to say, that fingerprint checks, referred to as EES, have been rolling out across airports on the European continent. 

These machines will perform facial scans in addition to taking fingerprints to confirm identity, travel dates, and more. The EES is in place for all non-EU citizens traveling to the Schengen zone. That includes US citizens, too.

Although the rules of travel undulate, you can stay on top of things by leaning on a professional— a professional traveler, that is. Grab an individualized Solo Travel Consultation ahead of that next solo trip and put all of your angst to rest. If you’ve got questions, I have got plenty of answers!

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